Seamon Corporation Logo Redesign

B L Seamon has formally changed its name to Seamon Corporation. With the name change it was time for a facelift for the logo. A lack of positive consensus at the top towards the previous logo led to a sense they had a chance to get it right this time. The client wanted to retain some of the recognition it had with the previous logo while making it fresh and new. I kept the new design in a serif font and while using very similar colors found a deeper, bolder color tone to make the logo stand out a bit better. I tightened up the icon a bit and as the elements break down the archs of people imply a global presence and represent the layers of communication from need/issue/subject to clients to contractor to audience. The “spike” represents a sharp focus and presence at every level. There is greater focus on the company name and the icon while a focal point doesn’t compete too much nor overpower the company name.

New Seamon Corporation Logo

Past and Present Seamon Corporation Comparison

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